The Sunken Library

The Sunken Library is an ancient giant ruin hidden deep in the Menechtarun Desert of eastern Xen’drik.

Tens of thousands of years ago, when the Menechtarun region was filled with life, the Library was a massive repository of knowledge for the giants, and a center of learning. During the Quori Wars, the Quori unleashed terrible epic magic against the region, turning the entire area into a desert wastleland. When the Quori discovered the location of the library, they enacted a terrible curse that sank the massive towers of the library beneath the desert sands. The Giants attempted to counter the curse, but the best they could do was to slow the progress of the sinking to a few inches a year.

After the Quori Wars, the giant’s elf slaves rose up against them, using the Giant’s own magic in their wars for freedom. During the wars, the elves and their allies captured the library and used powerful necromantic magic to seal an undead guardian in the deepest section, to prevent the Giants or their slaves from gaining access to the powerful magic within.

40,000 years later, the remains of the library are lost deep beneath the desert sands, but they are still accessible from certain caves and sinkholes in the region.

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The Sunken Library

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