Half Giant Warrior


Tonakka grew up in the forests around Bazek Mohl raised by his mother. He was always teased and taunted growing up because of his large size, however when he finally reached adulthood he entered into the town watch and protected the city against the giants who were constantly looking for fresh slaves.

Tonakka had been the vilage’s prized warrior, until one day when the giants attacked with a force larger than any they had seen before. He fought with the other soldiers as valiantly as they could, but in the end they were all defeated. When Tonakka regained consciousness he found himself stripped of all his weapons and armor and chained to the remaining survivors from his village, they would all now be slaves…

Realizing his heritage, the giants treated Tonakka more like a pet than a regular slave. They kept him around mostly for amusement value, although occasionally they would set one of the hell hounds on him just to watch him wrestle it into submission. One day, his fire giant owners encountered a group of adventurers, and were slaughtered in short order. Rather than fight alongside his “masters”, Tonakka stood back in the shadows and watched the battle unfold, thinking this might be his chance for freedom….

GM Notes:
Tonakka was the combined dream of his people, remembered from his life among them. Each of his tribe dreamed of him each night, and of his adventures in Xen’drik battling the giantish slavers.


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