Teras Malaxder

Halfling Wizard


Teras Malaxder is a young halfling who goes by “Mal”. He was born in Cyre. “Mal” was always physically weak, so when he grew up a bit his parents sent him off to study wizardy at Korranberg’s preparatory school at the age of 16. After a year, “Mal” showed great talent, but found that he didn’t get along there very well, he felt out of place so he got a transfer to Morgrave University. During his first year at Morgrave, Cyre was destroyed. “Mal” was devastated as he had lost his family in the catastrophe; yet he was able to carry on by burying his feelings and concentrating on his studies, and that lasted him a few years, but he eventually suffered a break down and was no longer able to carry on at the University; his grades slipped and he lost his scholarship and soon found himself on the street. “Mal” knew that he couldn’t survive on the streets for long, and that he needed a plan. He had no where to go, and he honestly never liked the big crowds in Sharn. He thought of all of the rumors he had heard while at Morgrave about Xen’drik, and of all of the adventurers that came through the University … he decided that maybe he could do that … he sold off the few minor scrolls and wands he was able to sneak out of the university, and used the money to purchase passage to the mysterious continent, and as he stands on the boat now, he wonders if he made the right choice …

“Mal” likes to be around people and having lots of friends. He isn’t used to having people not like him, especially since he is an Enchanter and thus can “persuade” people pretty easily. Due to his experiences in Zilargo, he doesn’t get along with Gnomes very well, and he also tries to avoid speaking with elves, as they don’t fall for his tricks as easily. Although “Mal” is very nervous about this adventure he is embarking on, he is also excited to see this new place, and hopes he can become a real adventurer, and discover previously unknown magics, and of course, become a great Wizard.

GM Notes:
Mal was the dream of a poor Cyran refugee, homeless and alone in the streets of Sharn. He watched his parents die in the terrible magics unleashed in the Mournland, and when not escaping the horrid life he lived by dreaming of Xen’drik, he still had nightmares of the Day of Mourning.

Teras Malaxder

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