Changling Archer


I was born…..yap that about sums that up. What do you mean? No friend not everyone knows where they were born and not everyone knows the love of their true parents. No…no they don’t, you see when I was born is a mystery because my mother or possibly my father heck it could have been both for all I know, they abandoned me in a small dirt clod of a village. But I will tell you what should I meet them in this wide world of ours I will ask them and get right back to you with the answer. Now don’t go looking at me like that, the people who raised me were good to me. Well as good as they could be given that I wasn’t human, sure the other kids were mean to me but it made me tough made me learn how to think for myself and to outwit them at their own cruel games. What? Dark no! Getting attached to people is my first rule. You don’t do it just leads to trouble that is all. Yap life isn’t so bad being me. Well unless you count the bad choices I made in life and that those changes have force me to live in the most remote part of the world one can find and still call civilized that is. Oh well one can’t have everything they want in life you know.

GM Notes:
Dor was the dream of a changeling rogue, imprisoned by the Order of the Emerald Claw. The Order wanted the Meydani Map, and were under orders from Vol herself to acquire it. While leading the Order around the wilds of Karrnath, he dreamt of Dor and escaping from his fate.



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