Cyran Changling Spy


The changeling named Fury is a master spy from Cyre, wanted for various horrible crimes in Khorvaire. Fury was once one of the most talented and versatile spies in the service of Cyre. He/she successfully infiltrated dozens of organizations and hundreds of secret military locations during the Last War, giving him/her unprecedented knowledge of the secret machinations behind almost every power involved. After the Day of Mourning, something snapped inside of him/her, and Fury committed several terrorist acts against the nations he/she felt were “responsible” for the Day of Mourning. Local law enforcement proved completely unable to track or apprehend Fury, and even elite services like the King’s Lanterns of Breland and agents of House Phiarlan were unable to slow his/her progress across Khorvaire. Finally, agents of House Deneith managed to corner Fury in Sharn, but he/she escaped aboard a ship bound for Xen’drik. Deneith and the Brelish government dispatched Andraste d’Deneith to apprehend Fury in Stormreach, but Fury firmly infiltrated Dannel’s Wrath and she was been unable to track him/her down. Andraste suspected that Fury was behind the resurgence in the groups fortunes, and was be planning something terrible in Stormreach.

Her suspicions proved correct when Fury and his magically altered agents of Dannel’s Wrath attacked a festival in the middle of Stormreach, killing dozens before a group of adventurers intervened. The adventurers drove Fury away, but it was revelaed in the meantime that Fury was a bane wraith, an undead creature bent on revenge. The next day, Fury attacked the adventurers while they dined with the Storm Lords, disrupting the meal by throwing Andraste’s dead body into the middle of the table. During the conflict, the adventurers finally destroyed Fury and his/her servants once and for all, and resurrected Andraste.


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