Amhapar Nadeeha

Desert Paladin of Dol Arrah


Amhapar Nadeeha was an Asherati paladin of Dol Arrah that wandered the Menechtarun Desert on the back of his ashworm mount, Ahnkeru. He was the last surviving member of his order, and he wandered the wastes helping those in need and defending the weak from desert raiders. Amhapar & Ahnkeru were a powerful force in combat, and both could disappear beneath the desert in a heartbeat, emerging suddenly to smash the enemies of justice and peace into the sands.

Amhapar was widely respected for his wisdom and temperance, and for looking beneath the surface of any situation before taking action. Amhapar negotiated peace treaties and trade agreements between several desert settlements and wandering tribes, and was considered an honorary member and citizen of quite a few tribes and cities because of his selfless service to them.

Although he was encountered more than once by a group of adventurers in the Menechtarun Desert, they later found that Amhapar had lived centuries before they had met him, and no one living had memories of him.

Amhapar Nadeeha

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