Baph Olias Mette

Daelkyr Half-Blood Wilder/Anarchic Initiate


For many years, Baph Olias Mette knew of no life other than that of a slave. Kept as property by the giants of Xen'drik, he spent his formative years surrounded by the psionically and magically powerful giants of the Dominion of Purity on the Lost Continent. As he grew, he slowly absorbed tiny fractions of their power, gaining a psychic strength all his own. The effect of this power, combined with his unnatural heritage, led to him one day lashing out at one of his captors, shattering the giant's mind along with his skull. Terrified of what would become of him, he fled into the jungle of Xen'drik where he wandered randomly for some time, led by strange voices in his head. Finally he found his way to Stormreach and learned of the other civilizations of the world, and of the land where he had grown up. He learned several harsh lessons on the streets of Stormreach, but he learned them well and quickly learned to channel his newfound talents. In time, he fell in with a group of adventurers, having felt himself led to them by a mysterious dream…. Baph often acts randomly and unpredictably, taking an action and then moments later forgetting what he had done. He is also relatively naive in the ways of the world, but he is a fast learner.

GM Notes:
Baph was the dream of a tortured madman imprisoned in a cell in the depths of Sharn. Imprisoned for a terrible crime he committed after hearing the whispers of a Daelkyr, his madness seeps into his dreams of Baph.

Baph Olias Mette

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