Tara Hawk


Tara Hawk was a shifter ranger and a member of the adventuring group known as The Savage Company. Tara came to Xen’drik looking for adventure and to escape from her former life in the Eldeen Reaches. A rowdy, rough-and-tumble soul by nature, she finally fell in with the Savage Company over the course of the last year. Since joining them, she has come to have a grudging respect for most members of the group, especially Saavedra, whose magic has saved them all more than once. She is still gruff and aloof from them, but expresses her affection for them by continuing to associate with them, and not killing them in their sleep when she has the chance.

Tara makes no attempt to disguise her animalistic nature as a shifer, and often seems to be intentionally trying to offend or upset those around her, especially people who are visibly uncomfortable with her race. When not in the jungle, she smokes obnoxiously smelly cigars, dropping the ashes wherever she pleases.

After Berenessa stole the Dreamstone back from Jackson Savage, it was revealed that Tara was a figment of his imagination, and vanished back into the ether from which she was made. With Jackson’s death, it seems the city has forgotten she existed.

Tara Hawk

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