Tierel ir'Morgrave

Half Elf Psithief


Tierel ir’Morgrave was born in Morgrave University, the child of a captive drow priestess and a university researcher. Her mother, Melraeval Pilar’kah, was captured by explorers in Xen’drik and brought back to the university in chains. She lived for many years in a prison in the University’s depths, used by the unscrupulous researchers for her in-depth knowledge of Xen’drik. Finally, one of the researchers fell in love with her, and Tierel was born a year later. When Tierel was still a baby, Melraeval escaped from her prison and vanished from the university.

Tierel was raised in the university, “adopted” by the many researchers living there. She grew up around academics and scholars, and acquired more than a little bit of their knowledge as she grew, learning of magic and history, politics and nobles, geography and mathematics, and biology and botany. When she was a child, she was given a small monkey as a pet, which she named Cast. She and Cast were quickly inseparable, and spent many a long afternoon scaling the towers and buildings of the University, daring the highest heights with ease and confidence.

When Tierel was finally of age, she decided she wanted to return to Xen’drik and find what became of her mother. She gathered what little funds she had and with Cast riding on her shoulder, she bought passage on a ship headed for the Continent of Mysteries.

Tierel ir'Morgrave

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