Domino, Prince of Thieves

Halfling Rogue


Domino was a halfling rogue who led a gang of halflings in the city of Stormreach. Domino was never a fighter himself, nor was he much of a thief in general. What he excelled at was dissembling, misleading and double-dealing. His self-given title of “Prince of Thieves” comes from carefully spreading stories about himself, dropping hints and letting rumors run rampant until he was seen as a powerful figure in Stormreach. He hadn’t done half the things he was given credit for, but he never told the stories himself and never stopped other people from telling them, letting the rumor mill work for him.

His reputation attracted a decent-sized group of brigands and robbers to his side, and they cleared out a small hideout in the warrens beneath the city where the tunnels are too small for most normal sized folk, but were comfortable for him and his fellow halflings. He knew his activities would eventually attract the attention of the Bilge Rats, and he began to arm himself against this eventuality.

However, he stole an item from a group of adventurers, who broke into his undercity lair and confronted him. Rather than fight, Domino agreed to return the item immediately in exchange for his life, which the adventurers agreed to. Some time later, they saw Domino working for the Church of the Silver Flame in Stormreach. Apparently, his brush with death convinced him to find religion.

Domino, Prince of Thieves

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