Arsen Shackleton

Gentleman Adventurer


My name is Arsen Shackleton, Gentleman Adventurer!

As the last child of a great house, I am far removed from the line of succession and have many siblings to take up the other functions of the house such as being married off and whatnot.

I grew up in leisure with no demands upon my time except those that tutors could impose upon me; but, as my true calling was even then making itself known to all, they could only teach me if they could find me! And often times I would read the Inquisitive and dream of seeing these far off places with my own eyes.

The tutors would say the most amusing things. Not only “Where has Arsen gotten to” or “Come back here right now” but stranger things as well. I recall the last tutor I had saying something about staying out of the magical laboratories, information which was instantly soaked up by my intellect to mean that he was not allowed to enter those hallowed halls, being a mere servant and all.

Certainly there were a great deal of energies flying about in the laboratory, what else happens in a magical laboratory after all. And yes, my family and their guests gave a great hue and cry, but they could not stop me. For though they have always been older and wiser, none of them were blessed with my quicksilver mind and reflexes.

After that night I decided to bid farewell to my family. They have given me much but I have decided that the life of leisure and indolence is not for one such as I. My great mind, strength and charms must be shared with the world, and now I find myself on a ship sailing to, Xen’drik, The Continent of Mystery!

GM Notes:
Arsen was the dream of a young boy in Sharn who is so sickly and weak he cannot leave his bed without aid. His mother takes care of him daily, and his father reads to him about the adventures of various heroes throughout the land. He loves to hear the stories, whether they are true or not, and often fantasizes about being a great adventurer and wandering the land having exploits.

Arsen Shackleton

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