Human Monk


Garignak was one of the adventurers who journeyed across the sea to Xen’drik with the rest of the players. She was a tough-as-nails monk, a little slip of a girl who could take powerful blows without so much as flinching. She vanished mysteriously not long after the group arrived in Stormreach, and now all memory of her has left the group, with the exception of Ral.


Garignak trained with the Half-orcs in the Mal Zagh monastary found deep Byeshk mountains. Being the only human that trained in the monastary she was constantly riddiculed and taunted, even her training name, Garignak (rock in Orcish) was a mockery of her perceived weakness.

Using the harsh words to fuel her training she became one of the best students of Master Mauhuur. Though she never became overly tough, her strength, agility, and force of will soon outstripped many of the other students.

Not long after her 25th birthday, Master Mauhuur presented her with a black sash, at long last accepting her as a full monk in the monastary. Garignak woke early in the morning a week after receiving her sash, to the sounds of metal clashing and flames throwing shadows against the walls of her small room. Quickly she lept to her feet and prepared to face the attackers with her fellow monks, when Master Mauhuur slipped into her room.

“Follow me, now. No questions!” Quickly her master led Garignak down several passages in the monastary that she never knew existed. Finally after they had walked for what seemed like miles, Mauhuur opened a secret door. “Inside now! I’m sorry for this, but someone must carry on our legacy, the orcs will kill you on sight…” Before she could identify with the sadness in her masters voice, Mauhuur knocked Garignak unconcious with a single blow and left her to the relative safety of the hidden room.

Awaking to the complete darkness, her awareness slowly returning, Garignak searched for the door and slipped out back into the hallway. The scene she came upon was horrifying, the ceiling was covered in soot, and the terracotta walls were cracked from heat, but the area seemed to be at least stable. Quickly ascending the way she had been lead down, she passed the bodies of many of her former trainees and instructors. However, amid all of the bodies she found several armored orcs and half orcs bearing a hearaldry she had never seen before.

When finally Garignak made it out in to the courtyard, she found what she had feared most. Master Mauhuur lay dead, surrounded by a large number of dead soldiers. While the monsatary had put up a daunting defense, in the end it proved futile. The orcish soldiers had burned every out building to the ground, and looted many of the relics found within it’s walls.

With nothing left to keep her here in west, Garignak decided it was time to leave it all behind and find her own story. Knowing that revenge would get her nothing at this time as she had so little power, she left for the continent of X’endrick, to see what knowledge and skills she could acquire there…


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