The Mirage Tower

The Mirage Tower is the extra-dimensional lair of Montu Chezzak, a sorcerer who nearly conquered the Menechtarun Desert more than 1000 years ago. The Tower itself is a remainder of a larger extra-dimensional space created by the ancient Giants of Xen’drik. Montu stumbled across it and managed to gain control of some of the magic controlling it, making it into a perfect fortress within which he planned his conquest of the desert and it’s peoples.

In order to approach or even perceive the tower, an individual would either have to be a Sand Shaper like Montu, or they would have to undergo a dangerous trial, allowing the dangers of the desert to bring them to the edge of death. When a being was nearly dead from heatstroke and thirst, they would be able to see the tower and enter the demiplane where it existed, assuming they lived long enough to do so. Only the hardiest creatures could survive this challenge, allowing Montu to feel quite safe in his palace.

Time and space work slightly differently within the tower, a side effect of Montu’s magical modifications that he had not yet managed to correct by the time of his final death. The internal levels of the tower were massive and contained traps and dangerous hazards, most of them seeded by Montu himself, who was immune to them. The topmost level held a balcony that could look back into the material plane, allowing anyone standing on it to gaze out across the desert for miles in any direction. The top level was also filled with mountains of treasure gathered over the centuries from countless conquests and military campaigns, a massive horde that would make any dragon proud.

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The Mirage Tower

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