The City of Glass

The City of Glass is an ancient giantish ruin in the most inhospitable part of the Menechtarun Desert. It stands as a monument to the hubris of the giants and their futile battles against the dragons of Argonnessen.

Forty thousand years ago, the giants consolidated their power in the city, planning to use it as a bastion from which to strike out against the invading dragons. Their brightest and most talented were brought to the city to give their aid to the coming battle, and the giants pinned their hopes of victory on all those present. The night before the planned battle, they sat in their halls and feasted, preparing for the conflict to come, little knowing that the dragons already knew of their plan, and were prepared to strike first.

As the giants drank and feasted, the dragons combined their powers and cast a mighty epic spell over the entire city, turning every living being, every structure, every plant and every item to glass. The giants were forever frozen in their revelry and planning, and many died without ever knowing what hit them.

Millennia later, the city stands mostly as it did then. Some of the structures and glass statues have shattered over time, and the whole city has been slowly ground down by the desert winds. The haunting feeling of death still permeates the area, and most living beings leave the city as soon as they find it, unable to deal with the terrible fear generated by it. The glass walls of the buildings towards the heart of the city create strange patterns as the light shines through them, appearing to be constantly shifting dragonmarks. The only resident is the dragon Sunataderapophis, who lairs in the sands beneath the city.

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The City of Glass

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