Meydani Map

The Meydani Map is an artifact of the ancient Thri-kreen civilization that existed on Xen’drik many thousands of years ago. According to legend, the map was created in dreams, and brought into the material world by the ancient Thri-kreen sages. The most basic use of the map is to create an accurate depiction of the surrounding area, wherever the user might be. Supposedly, because of where it was created, it is not subject to or affected by The Traveler’s Curse which plagues the Lost Continent.

Other sources claim that the Meydani Map was actually created by The Traveler, or that the trickster god influenced the Thri-kreen to create it somehow. According to some stories, a user can will the map to show him the path to a particular place, or to a particular item. These stories, if true, would mean that the map would be literally priceless in the markets of Stormreach. However, as with all items created by The Traveler or bearing his influence, the stories also warn that users must beware the paths marked on the map, as they may contain threats greatly out of proportion to the rewards gained from using it.

The Meydani Map was last seen in the hands of famed explorer Phillipe Heyerdahl, who planned to use it to discover and plunder the forgotten giantish ruins of The Everice. Heyerdahl and his party left Stormreach in 890 YK, and never returned.

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Meydani Map

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