Menechtarun Desert

The Menechtarun Desert occupies nearly the entire eastern coast of the continent of Xen’drik. 40,000 years ago, the region was a lush paradise, home to tens of thousands of different life forms, and the ancient Giants discovered that within it’s verdant plains and lush jungles were several manifest zones connected to Lammania and Irian, making it an ideal location for life of all kinds to thrive. When the Giants began to experiment with the magical creation of life, they found that the Menechtarun region was the ideal place.

Sometime during the ancient Giant wars, the Menechtarun region underwent a terrible transformation. The manifest zones were broken one by one, and the entire eastern portion of the continent was shattered by epic magic, making it into a barren wasteland. Today, the Menechtarun Desert is home to only the hardiest and most resilient life forms, and the scorching winds blow the desert sands through empty canyons and past ancient ruined monoliths.

Places in the Menechtarun Desert:

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Menechtarun Desert

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