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  • Beehive Pastries

    Using honey from hives in the Rubble Warren, this stall's sweetcakes are actively sought out by people passing through the Sloths. The baker and owner, Sulman, hears and sees a great deal from his stall, and could be a good source of information.

  • Brelish Consulate

    The Brelish Consulate has seen better days. The paint is peeling and the shutters hang askew from this dilapidated building. The current consul is Lady Rusila ir'Clarn, an opportunist with no real authority but plenty of friends among the Stormreach elite …

  • Havulak Prospecting

    Havulak Prospecting has catered to adventurers and explorers for years. The proprietor, a crotchety old ex-explorer named Havulak sells clothing, guidebooks, tools and specialized gear. Havulak is an old hand in Xen'drik, and is an excellent source of …

  • Erel's Emporium

    Erel's Emporium is run by a Drow Wizard named [[:35691 | Erel Vict'riss]]. Erel deals in minor magic items and scrolls, but what Erel really deals in is information. He has established himself as the premier info broker within the city, carefully managing …

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