Eberron - Dreams of Xen'drik

The Road to Pra'Xirek - The Eyes of the Sun
Session Six

The next morning, the group set off towards the landmark Baph had spied. As they went deeper and deeper into the jungle, the going became more and more difficult. Even at night, they were beset by plagues of insects which made sleep a miserable experience for Tierel. Arsen shared as much of his knowledge as he could with everyone and kept a weather eye on their surroundings, which turned out to be fortunate when he spotted a patch of mold near their campsite that could have corrupted their rations and water.

After several more days of travel, the group came upon a House Tharashk mining camp, deep in the jungle. Approaching cautiously, they were greeted politely by the camp administrator, a large Half-Orc named Siron d’Tharashk who bore the Mark of Finding. While he did not have much in the way of supplies to offer them, he graciously allowed them to rest for a time in the shade of the camp, and the group relaxed while he brought them tea and water.

While they sat chatting, Arsen noticed a fire start on the thatched roof of one of the nearby huts. He gave a quick warning to Siron, who marshaled his men to combat the fire while Anton and Ral helped combat it with their magic. While the others were working to battle the fire, Baph noticed something odd – a strange hum and a burst of energy accompanied the starting of another fire on another roof, leading him to suspect that these fires were not happening by accident.

When the fires were finally put out, Siron wearily informed them that this was the third mysterious fire in a week, and Baph told him he suspected it might be caused magically. It seemed to Baph that the effect was coming from the general direction they were heading in, and they told him of their goal. Siron explained that they had prospected in that direction only to encounter a fierce band of lizardfolk who attacked them in the jungle. He had then shied away from that area, lacking the resources to combat lizardfolk and prospect for Dragonshards. It seemed likely that the lizardfolk were causing the fires, and Arsen offered to investigate the situation when they journeyed that way. Siron agreed, although he confessed he had little coin with which to pay them, but he could give them 800 gp worth of Syberis Dragonshards, which the group found entirely agreeable.

Setting off into the jungle, they traveled another day without incident, but on the second day out they were ambushed by lizardfolk bearing a strange holy symbol painted onto their skin. Anton identified it as the symbol of a minor sun god, worshiped by primitive tribes. Proceeding further through the jungle, it began to rain. As they traveled, the rain got steadily worse and worse and within an hour, they were moving through the middle of a downpour, barely able to see 5 feet ahead of themselves. It was only Baph’s keen eyesight that saw the bridge spanning the abyss to their left, and the towering ziggurats beyond.

Approaching the bridge, it was clear it was in a state of terrible disrepair. Spanning the 60 foot gap, it had broken boards, frayed ropes, and was treacherously slick with the rain. Tierel braved it first, taking a rope across the way with her and securing it on the other side with Cast’s help. Arsen helped Anton out of his armor while Baph and Ral made the trip, only barely getting across without falling into the river below. Finally, Storm began to make her way across as well, but only made it a few steps before the wooden planks gave way beneath her feet and she fell. Ral immediately dove into the gorge to save her, manifesting wings with his psionic powers in an attempt to catch her. As he fell, he caught sight of her in some strange form, a form he found it difficult to think about later on when remembering the incident. As soon as she spotted him coming towards her, however, she immediately appeared to be a wolf again, thrashing violently as she fell towards the river.

Ral managed to catch her before she hit the water, saving her from taking too much damage from the fall. Making his way back up, he found that the others had successfully made their way across, and the group rigged a rope harness to pull her up to the shore. They finally drug her, wet, smelly and bedraggled onto the other side of the gorge, and she stomped off into the rain to recover her dignity. Baph wandered idly behind her, and spotted the two ziggurats again through the rain, and a small structure between them. Making their way through the pouring rain towards the smaller structure, they found a plaza full of pillars and some small but roofless buildings as well. While the others tried to use a tarp to create some kind of shelter from the rain, Tierel went off exploring the pillars and found a pair of cages containing large, scary looking lizards. When she stopped to investigate, she found herself face to face with another lizardfolk. After a tense moment’s pause, the lizardfolk freed the two monitor lizards and attacked, bringing the rest of the party to Tierel’s aid.

After the battle, the group decided that it was not safe to rest here while the rain was coming down and other lizardfolk could be lurking in the area. They approached one of the two ziggurats, and found it defended by a shaman and a guard, who were performing a ritual before a large item, consisting of polished mirrors and shiny surfaces. As they approached, the lizardfolk turned and attack, while the shaman downed a potion of invisibility and vanished. Arsen made his way up to the top, driving back the warrior while Tierel snuck around to the side, spotting the invisible shaman as he drank another potion. While Baph dealt a mental blow to the warrior, Arsen moved in on the shaman’s position, who responded by casting a minor curse on him. Undaunted, Arsen continued moving in and was hit with another curse, but managed to kill the shaman anyway despite the crushing fear upon him.

After defeating the shaman, they examined the strange artifact while Tierel looked for hidden rooms. Baph determined that this artifact was what was focusing the sun onto the Tharashk huts, although it obviously wouldn’t work in this torrential downpour. Anton found some gold plaques that were obviously of giantish origin, mentioning several other landmarks in the area, and Tierel discovered a hidden room where the shaman kept a gold icon of the primitive god they worshiped.

Moving to the other ziggurat, they found it occupied by four more lizardfolk defending a second artifact, whom they dispatched after a heated battle. Searching some more, they found more giantish plaques detailing more landmarks in the area. Bpah wanted to smash the two artifacts and drag them back to Stormreach, but Anton insisted that they be kept intact, or they would lose their power. Finally, the group decided to offer the location of the items to House Tharashk, thinking that the ziggurats would be a much strong position to build base on than their current place.

Returning to the Tharashk camp, Siron paid them the agreed upon Dragonshards for their efforts, and they gave him their proposal regarding the ruins. He agreed to this as well, and the group led him and several prospectors to the ziggurats. Upon thier safe arrival, Siron gave them a voucher for 2000 gp worth of services from House Tharashk.

Examining the giantish plaques, Anton and Arsen determined that their next stop should be a place called the Temple of Clean Earth, far to the East. Shouldering their packs, they headed east towards their next landmark.

The Road to Pra'Xirek - The Collosus in the Jungle
Session Five

After equipping and re-arming themselves the best they could, the group prepared to set out into the jungle. As they were saying their goodbyes in front of the house, a strange, bedraggled figure approached the group, asking if they were heading into the jungle. Arsen gave a cautious yes, and asked the stranger what business he had. The man introduced himself as Baph Olias Mette, and said he had dreamt of them and their journey, and he knew the way. Anton was suspicious, and asked Erel what he knew about this strange person, but Erel confessed he had never seen or heard of him and he was not associated with any group he knew of. Satisfied, the group accepted his request to join them, and they set off into the jungle together.

As they traveled, they found that Baph had some very odd habits. He would occasionally speak to himself, or say utterly non-sensical things to them, or speak in a gradually louder voice. Anton thought he might be mentally unstable, but he was polite enough, if odd, and didn’t seem a threat. After a few days of traveling through the jungle, Arsen was growing more and more frustrated with the effects of the Traveler’s Curse, and his navigation skills were being sorely tested. Stopping to discuss the matter, he and Baph had two different ideas of which way to go next – Arsen led by his map, and Baph by the dream he had had of the ruins. Tierel climbed a tree to try and get their bearings, but discovered that the group had stumbled onto the territory of a family of apes when two of the males attacked them. Baph joined the fray alongside them and manifested powerful psionic abilities, giving Ral a clue as to his nature and degree of power. After the fight, Baph seemed to have no memory of what had happened, but continued to insist that they follow him through the jungle. Arsen finally relented and followed Baph through the jungle as well, and eventually determined that he had been right, they were simply taking a different route through the jungle.

Traveling for a few more days, they finally stumbled across a towering ruin in the jungle, a tremendous statue of a giant king, now crumbled and covered in moss. Its arm was broken off, and the head of the statue lay in rest at the base of the temple, covered in vines and moss. The colossus stood astride a small temple which was set on a hill, giving it commanding view of the countryside. Looking around the base of the statue, Anton found a gigantic broken stone sword, obviously once wielded by the statue but now laying shattered at its base. On the bottom side of the huge blade he discovered some giantish runes, but lacked the skill to translate them. While Arsen and Baph cleared the moss off the king’s head, Tierel climbed into the base of the temple, and discovered that it led to a small chamber beneath the hill.

Being the more nimble of the group, Tierel and Ral went into the depths of the chamber while Anton, Arsen and Baph secured ropes over the ledge that would allow them to climb in and out more easily. As Tierel and Ral moved into the ruin, they discovered a pair of giant stone statues flanking the entrance. Tierel was wary of them, but Ral boldly approached and commented on how they seemed very intact, despite the state of the rest of the ruin. As he turned to speak to Tierel, the statues moved and attacked them, and the two retreated back to the entrance as Arsen boldly dashed forward to engage the stone guardians.

Try as he might, Arsen found that he was barely able to scratch the tough stone the guardians were made of. As Anton and Arsen did their best to engage the statues with Ral’s aid, Baph and Tierel spotted something at the far end of the hallway that might disengage the guards – magical runes lined the bottom of a bas-relief on the wall, and Tierel thought they might be used to control the statues somehow.

Slowly and carefully, they slipped past the two stone giants, while Arsen and Anton kept them busy in combat and Ral kept them distracted with astral constructs. Finally they reached the end of the hall, but they determined they did not have the skill to unravel the magical effects powering the guards. Finally, Arsen broke artfully away from the combat, dodging over the giant stone blades as they swung, and landed in perfect position to disable the trap. Despite this impressive display, however, his first attempt resulted only in a magical shock to his fingers. After a moment, Tierel realized what he had done wrong, and with Baph’s help they triggered the magical control and the stone guards returned to their posts.

After taking a moment to compose themselves, they moved on to explore the other rooms of the temple. Much of the structure had collapsed over the millennia, but they came across a room showing the colossus striding across the jungle, its eyes and sword glowing with blue flame, and images of a king sitting in a throne, his eyes also glowing with blue flame. There were also images of elf slaves constructing the giant statue, and giant worshipers bowing before the mighty king on his throne. Tierel discovered that some of the sections of the wall actually had magical formulas detailing how the colossus was animated and made to move, but there was not enough information to replicate the effect.

Moving on, they finally came to a large ornate throne room, the walls and ceiling crusted in gold leaf and jewels. In the back, on a small riser was an equally ornate throne, sized for a giant. While Tierel busied herself prying gems from the walls, Anton cast detect magic and determined that the throne was indeed magical, and might possibly be trapped. After some examination, it was determined that the throne was trapped, and while it was possible to disable the magical trap, it would also disable the other magical effects attached to it.

While the group sat down to ponder what to do about this, Baph stood staring eagerly at the throne. Finally, unable to resist the temptation, he climbed up and sat in the throne, shrugging off the magical effect of the trap. He found he was suddenly able to see as though through the statues eyes, his viewpoint towering hundreds of feet above the jungle floor. Right as the sun was setting, he looked around and spotted a reflection from far to the southwest, the fading sunlight glinting off something that looked like a pair of eyes. The mystery of the dream poem solved, they group prepared to camp for the night and set off towards the next landmark the next morning.

Stormreach - Setting Up Shop
Session Four

Returning to Stormreach, the party spoke with Jirian Zayne of the Silver Flame again. He was extremely pleased that the missionaries had been rescued, but disappointed at the death of their infected ally. He explained that while lycanthropy was a terrible curse, it could be cured by natural means given time. He also explained that the missionaries rescued were from a more militant and intolerant sect of the Silver Flame, and their beliefs regarding their companion would take time to adjust. Still, he was grateful for their rescue and though he had little wealth to offer, he promised to aid the party in the future with clerical services or magic.

Going through the items found in the grimlock’s camp, Arsen found an odd note along with a map detailing directions to an ancient ruin in the jungle. The note mentioned that the ruins were a waymarker to the lost giant city of Pra’Xirek, which was rumored to be overflowing with treasure. The company that originally set out into the jungle to find it had obviously been waylaid, but there was enough information that Arsen felt he could easily find the way to the first marker, and they could decide where to go from there. While they sat discussing the map, a thri-kreen named Topkapi approached them and said that he liked them, and would help them when the time came. He then walked away without another word, despite Mal’s failed attempt to cast a spell on him.

After that strange encounter, the group decided to consult with Gaulronak as well, and see what information the wizened druid could give them about the city. Gaulronak warned them that an ancient evil still dwelt within the city, and that the journey there was very dangerous. He told Ral that he should journey there, and see it for himself. Satisfied that Gaulronak would not be offended by them journeying there, they decided to try their hand at finding the waypoint.

Along the way, Mal suggested that they needed to acquire a more permanent residence in Stormreach, rather than constantly spending their gold on inn rooms. Not sure who else to speak to, they decided to ask Erel if he knew of a place they could settle into without tremendous expense. After some wheedling, Erel finally mentioned that he knew of a place that was soon to be “unoccupied” that they could freely move into without trouble. It was not in the best neighborhood, but it was centrally located and most importantly, free, as long as they moved quickly. Erel said he had considered trying to occupy it himself, but didn’t think he could hold it alone. He also told Mal he had a business plan that would help them establish themselves in the new place, but he needed help – specifically, wizardly help. Mal agreed to stay and help Erel hold down the fort for a few months, until they could firmly establish their hold on the location. With the group’s help, he felt he could do it easily. They agreed, and arranged to meet Erel the next day at noon to move in.

While returning to the Tipped Tankard to set about making plans for their jungle trip, they encountered an odd blocking of traffic in the street. Pushing through the crowds, they caught a glimpse of the members of the Savage Company parading through the streets, Jackson Savage himself walking at the head of the group. Arsen was not at all impressed with Jackson, although Mal seemed intrigued by the group. As they walked by, Tierel noticed that the wizard in their party was examining a strange artifact. Moving closer to get a good look, she determined that they had a Dream Stone, similar to the one possessed by the group. Arsen and Mal advised Ral against telling them that they too possessed a Dream Stone, fearing that the stronger and more experienced adventuring group would simply attack them and take it.

Along the way, they realized that Garignak seemed to have wandered off. Stopping and thinking about it, they realized that they could not clearly recall the last time they saw her. They knew she was with them in the jungle, but she was not there when they spoke to Jirian Zayne nor when they spoke with Gaulronak. Her belongings were still in the room in the inn, although some seemed to be missing. While sitting in the tavern room at the Tankard, the group realized that the pattern of traffic in the inn and the tavern was odd. People were coming and going, but there was a strange pattern to it. Consulting with the innkeeper, he initially refused to clarify anything for them, but finally Mal cast a charm on him and he told them that the inn and tavern itself was a waypoint for worshipers of the Traveler, one of the Dark Six. Anton was initially on the defensive about being surrounded by the Traveler’s worshipers, but the innkeeper assured them that nothing evil was afoot, they were merely agents of change and transition, and that the inn itself was a place where people often started a new direction in their lives, some new path. The group retired to bed in their last night at the Tankard, and the next morning Garignak’s belongings were completely gone, despite Anton barring the door before they slept.

That night, each of them had odd dreams, within which was a strange phrase that seemed out of place. Upon waking, they shared their dreams at Ral’s insistence, who was fascinated by them. Mal shared his reluctantly, as apparently he has dreamed of the Mournland and was profoundly disturbed by it. As they talked, they realized that the phrases could be matched together to make a poem, a clue of some type that might lead them to the ruin. Mal also found that the Dream Stone was warm, although it cooled as the morning progressed.

Later that day, they met Erel in the market as agreed and he took them to the section of town where their house was to be. Approaching the residence, a group of heavily armed and armored bugbears suddenly emerged from within the house, wiping their blades free of blood and joking grimly amongst themselves. Erel quickly took the group aside and waited for them to pass, smiling weakly at the shocked looks on their faces. Assuring them that nothing would befall them for moving into the space, he stepped inside.

The interior was clearly the scene of a grisly murder, with blood splattered everywhere. The bodies were mysteriously gone, however, and no sign of the previous inhabitants remained. As Erel and Mal set about cleaning the place with their prestidigitation spells, Erel repeatedly assured them that the building was fine, and no one would connect them with the previous inhabitants. Examining the upper level of the two-story home, Mal found that it was thankfully free of blood and gore, and appeared big enough to comfortably house everyone. As he and Erel set up shop, the rest of the group went shopping with Arsen to gather what gear they would need to venture into the jungle.

Stormreach - Missing Missionaries
Session Three

Returning from the depths of Stormreach’s sewers, the group returned to the hotel to divvy up their earnings and prepare to confront the mysterious silver-eyed woman the next morning. Upon waking, they headed out to the Marketplace, where Anton was determined to spend his time finding a new piece of armor with his share of the loot from Domino’s thugs.

While waiting for Anton to finish his purchase, the silver-eyed woman appeared as though from nowhere right in front of Mal. Approaching him, she looked him right in the eyes, and told him “he would serve well enough.” Right as Mal tried to speak to her, her eyes flashed with a sudden silver light, and she vanished, along with everyone else in the market.

Looking around, it was suddenly raining in the market, almost no one but them was on the street, and clearly several hours had passed since their last recollection. Though it was raining, their belongings and clothes were dry, although they were starting to get wet from the downpour.

Over in a corner, Tierel spotted the mysterious Drow from her last trip to the marketplace, doing a poor job of hiding in the shadows and watching them. Mal attempted to cast a charm person on him, but the spell failed. It succeeded, however, in attracting his attention, and after a few moment’s tension it was revealed that the Drow thought Tierel was someone else, and his fear disappeared, replaced by a cocky confidence.

The Drow introduced himself as Erel Vict’riss, and offered to buy them all a drink for the trouble he had caused. In the tavern, he explained that he had watched them vanish from the marketplace and reappear in the same spot several hours later. He had not seen the mysterious woman, however, and had no knowledge of her. He knew a great deal else, however, and explained that his primary trade was as a dealer in information and secrets in Stormreach. He explained that he thought Tierel was someone else, someone she bore a strong resemblance to. Tierel suspected he knew her mother, but the person he knew left Stormreach only 8 years ago, and Tierel’s mother was kidnapped more than 20 years ago.

After their meeting with Erel, Ral suggested that the group go and speak with the giant druids at the edge of the city. As they approached, they heard the giants singing and chanting as the sun set, bidding farewell to the sun for the day. When the ritual was done, Ral spoke with Gaulronak, the chief druid and head of the Guardians of Rusheme. Gaulronak knew Ral’s name already, apparently because Storm told him. He also suggested that Ral had a particular destiny in Xen’drik, and he should take care that his actions did not disrupt the balance of the land.

When they returned to the hotel, the group found a note from Jirian Zayne, Head of the Keep of the Silver Flame in Stormreach, asking for their aid. Meeting with him, Zayne said he was referred to them by a halfling member of his flock, which the group assumed must be Domino. Zayne told them that several missionaries were lost in the jungle, bringing supplies and succor to miners making a living in the wilds. They should have returned several days ago, and Zayne wanted to send a party out to find them, or their remains. He did not have much to offer, but the party agreed to aid him nonetheless and set out into the jungle to find the missing missionaries.

Traveling through the jungle turned out to be dangerous, but not as dangerous as expected. Only a few days out the group was attacked by bizarre creatures, spider-like monsters with tentacles around their mouths, spitting webs and viscous fluids at them. They defeated them handily, and made their way to the river where the missionaries were to have changed course towards the mining camp. Here they found a small shack, built to stand above the waterline, where an unpleasant halfling rented boats. Mal negotiated (badly) with him, securing a boat for the trip back to Stormreach. Investigating the shores along the river, the group found a bit of tattered clothing, but were immediately ambushed by a wereboar, forcing them to take down the foul creature.

Defeating it, Garignak found a rough trail leading along the shore, away from the miner camp and the river. Following the trail, the group was ambushed by a group of grimlocks and a velociraptor, whom they dispatched with some trouble when Garignak was knocked unconscious. Shackleton and Tierel scouted ahead while the others rested and recovered, and found a small village with another dozen or so grimlocks and what appeared to be other humanoids in cages. Returning, they created a plan to lure the grimlocks out of the village and into a trap, using some alchemist’s fire and alchemist’s spark, while Mal and Shackleton snuck around the back to rescue the missionaries.

When the morning came, the grimlocks removed one captive and were clearly going to begin feasting on her, so the group kicked their plan into action to rescue them. The plan worked well, with Tierel hiding in the trees throwing daggers and Anton casting his strongest battle spells and wading into the group. Ral used his powers to great effect, summoning multiple astral constructs to confuse and distract the grimlocks while Garignak, Anton and Tierel faced them head-on. Meanwhile, Shackleton and Mal snuck into the back, Mal putting the guards to sleep and Shackleton breaking the prisoners loose. As they crawled out of thier cages, one of them was favoring a wound he had taken some days previously. Shackleton also found that a great deal of gear and treasure was stashed in the camp, left behind by other explorers not lucky enough to be rescued. After the fight, the group searched the camp and gathered up what valuables they could, and questioned the missionary regarding his wounds. They determined that he had been gored by the wereboar they encountered, and had probably contracted lycanthropy. This news immediately received an icy reception from the other two missionaries, who declared that their companion had contracted a foul curse and must be put down. Mal and Ral were shocked at this statement, but Tierel and Shackleton both volunteered to slay the infected man immediately. Eventually, it was decided to tie him up and determine if he had lycanthropy when the moon was full, that night.

Later that night, while the others slept, the man did transform into a wereboar, although his bonds held. Tierel slew him quietly while the others slept, and the next morning Anton gave him a proper burial, declaring that even the cursed deserve last rites.

Stormreach - Cramped Quarters
Session Two

In Stormreach, the PCs start to learn how the city works, and who they can trust and who they can’t. Captain Riga guides them as much as he can, but he needs to leave the city soon to attend to his own business.

The groups settles into the city, and spends some time enjoying the parties of the Pirates Moon festival. Tierel explores the marketplace, and runs into a Drow that seems to recognise her. When he sees her, his eyes widen with shock and he turns and runs in a blind panic before she can speak, leaving her wondering what just happened. Anton and Mal visit the Temple of the Sovereign Host, prepared for the worst after Captain Riga warned them it was “different”. However, Anton saw nothing different there, but the obvious weakness of the soft priesthood disgusted him and he left without further comment. Ral, Tierel and Arsen look for a nice place to have dinner, but the best place in town has no room for filthy adventurers and they are referred to a tavern/inn called the Tipped Tankard, near the Harbor District.

During the festivities that evening, Malaxder drinks a bit too much kuryeva and gets more than a little tipsy, but Shackleton and Garignak are there to keep him on his feet. While following the revelers, Mal wanders into the Cyran section of the city, and is struck by how much he misses his old home, now lost forever. When he starts getting too melancholy, Shackleton and Garignak drag him back home to sleep off the booze.

When Mal awakens in the morning, he finds that the dream stone has been stolen, as has much of their gold and several other bits of their belongings. Now angry, he confronts the innkeeper and drags out of him that a group of brigands led by a halfling calling himself Domino, Prince of Thieves has been seen in the area, and is likely responsible for the thefts. Mal organizes the group to go into the depths of the city where the thieves are known to lair, and they journey forth to collect their belongings.

At Ral’s behest, Storm leads them part of the way into the undercity, until the stench of a river of sewage kills her ability to track them by scent. She leaves the group to their fate then, and they make their way deeper into the tunnels. Coming across an open area, they spring a few traps and are ambushed by the halfling guards. They handily defeat them, despite Ral nearly being killed by a falling brick trap. Proceeding further down the tunnels, they are attacked again by a group hiding behind some strange insect-like statues lining the corridor, but manage to repel them again without much trouble. As the last halfling attempts to flee, Anton captures him and pummels the location of their hiding place out of him, as well as the numbers of remaining halflings before knocking him cold.

Heading into the lair of the thieves, they are ambushed one last time by the remains of the group, but manage to slay them all and break into the back of their hideout where they meet the legendary Domino at last. Domino surrenders immediately, unwilling to fight them, and asks only that his life be spared. He gladly tells the group that he was hired by a mysterious silver-eyed woman to steal the dream stone, and was allowed to keep anything else he acquired from them. He returns their belongings and the dream stone, promising never to cross them again. Mal agrees to his promise, and accepts that he will not hold a grudge against them, and even suggests that perhaps they can work together in the future. Relieved to not be killed, Domino gladly accepts their offer and vanishes in a puff of smoke, leaving the group to retrieve their belongings and return to the surface, perhaps to confront the mysterious silver-eyed woman in the marketplace tomorrow.

Wrecked on Xen'drik's Shores
Session One

Traveling to the Lost Continent, the PCs are shipwrecked during a sudden storm of unusual intensity. Their vessel damaged, Captain Riga asked them to go into the jungle to gather wood to repair it, but warned them of the dangers within.

Exploring the jungle, they were ambushed by lizardfolk, intent on making them their next meal. They managed to fight them off without much difficulty, thanks to Mal’s magic and Shackleton’s skill with a bow. One group was led by a shaman who wielded a strange artifact, which Tierel later identified as being a Dream Stone. After the battle, they tried to make their way back to the ship, only to find that they were lost in the jungle. Hearing a strange voice in his head, Ral followed it and the group discovered a primitive camp, within which was a cage holding a large, scary-looking wolf. Ral effortlessly freed the wolf, and it led them back to the ship.

After a brief recovery on the ship the remaining lizardfolk, led by a mighty champion, attacked the ship while repairs were still being made. The group fought valiantly to drive them off, with Ral’s wolf joining the fray and making a meal of several of her former captors. After the battle, the sailors finally got the vessel seaworthy and they put back to sea, heading for the port of Stormreach.


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