Ral the Dreamer

"I can dream! These are dreams, right?"



The Quori, powerful and mysterious creatures from the Plane of Dreams, Dal Quor, dominate the nation of Sarlona via their unending psionic manipulations. Occasionally, one of the Quori will be banished by its brethren for crimes or sins that cannot be fathomed by mortal minds. These rogue Quori are bound into a mortal body, but are rendered incapable of exerting any control. The resulting being is an Elan, usually unaware that it is a living prison for a Quori spirit.

Ral was born to a pair of Sarlonan peasants who were singularly honored when their child was chosen by the Inspired to host a Quori spirit. The infant child was taken from his parents and made into an Elan by the Quori high council. He then spent most of his youth in a Sarlonan barracks, acting as an errand boy/servant for the soldiers stationed there. Typically, Elan are trained as soldiers, their long lives and unnatural resilience making them well-suited to the task. But Ral, small of frame and not particularly strong, had no aptitude for the life of a soldier. He tended to be given tasks of lesser importance, such as gardening. While he was not mistreated, it was made clear that the other soldiers considered him at best an embarrassment, and at worst a hindrance.

Elan, like Kalashtar and Inspired, are dreamless creatures. But Ral, for some reason, became an exception. Although dreamless for most of his life, he has his first (and only) dream roughly three months ago, and it was an experience that changed his life. He dreamed of the land of Xen’drik, and of a powerful animal that seemed to call to him.

Ral was mostly unaware of the existence of the world outside of the barracks in which he lived. The dream gave him a terrible curiousity like an unquenchable thirst. It didn’t take long for him to decide to leave the barracks, making his way first to the Sarlonan coast, then to Khorvaire, eventually to Sharn, and finally aboard a boat bound for Stormreach —literally following his dream.


Although Ral posesses a very sharp mind, natural cunning, and growing intelligence, he has little experience of the world, and so often seems to be innocent and naive. He is intensely, almost pathologically curious, asking questions about everything and anything he encounters. He is surprisingly child-like and innocent in an amoral sense, generally cheerful and friendly.

Quirk: Ral never apologizes—he doesn’t appear to understand the concept.

Ral the Dreamer

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