Eldritch Giant Lord of Pra'Xirek


Ommadon is an Eldritch Giant who resides in a floating tower hovering over the ancient ruined city of Pra’Xirek, deep in the jungles of Xen’drik. Ommadon nominally rules the city, as he is easily the most powerful giant in it, although he makes no attempts to control the activities of the creatures within, as long as they leave him be. The giantish tribes of the city all pay tribute to him, bringing him any magic items and dragonshards they recover in the ruins.

Ommadon has occupied the tower he’s in for nearly 300 years, attempting to solve the mystery of a small planar rift in the top floor. When a group of adventurers visited Pra’Xirek looking for the entrance to a Citadel of the Dreamers, they convinced Ommadon to help them explore the rift and the Citadel beyond. Within, Ommadon discovered the souls of 13 Dreamers trapped in a crystal sphere in an attempt to achieve immortality. Finally having access to the Citadel, he has begun to try and unravel the mystery of the of the sphere, and perhaps acquire immortality for himself.

GM Commentary:

Ommadon was the name of the Red Wizard in the old animated film The Flight of Dragons.


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