Lady Berenessa

Agent of the Dreaming Dark


A tall, imposing figure, Lady Berenessa is an agent of the Dreaming Dark in Xen’drik. She habitually moves about the city of Stormreach clad in a flowing robe or cloak, her hood covering her face. When she does show her face, her striking beauty and glowing silver eyes clearly mark her as one of the Inspired of Reidra.

She has been manipulating certain adventurers in Stormreach to seek out the Dreamstones, although her purpose is yet unclear. She is an expert manipulator, skilled at fooling others into doing her dirty work for her. Although she avoids direct conflict, Berenessa was recently confronted by a group of powerful adventurers in the Reidran outpost of Dar Quat, where she slew Jackson Savage before fleeing into the night.

Lady Berenessa

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