Dyrrn the Corruptor

Daelkyr Lord


Dyrrn the Corruptor was a Daelkyr Lord, trapped in it’s prison beneath the ancient elven city of Akai’zhar, deep in the depths of Khyber. The daelkyr sent endless waves of aberrations and monstrosities into Akai’zhar, ostensibly attempting to break through and allow access to the surface. However, this would not have brought Dyrrn freedom, as it was still imprisoned by the magic of the Gatekeepers.

Dyrrn claimed to be Baph’s father, and gave him a living breastplate in exchange for Baph’s help in destroying the undead. Baph did not help his “father”, but so far Dyrrn has taken no action against his son. As in all things, it’s methods and reasoning are inscrutable, and only time will tell what it has planned.

GM Notes:
Dyrrn had driven an innocent man in Sharn to commit a terrible murder, for which the man was committed to an asylum. The man dreampt of Baph, and Dyrrn took advantage of this dream to once again enact his will upon the surface world. This was the “help” Dyrrn wanted from his “son” all along.

Dyrrn the Corruptor

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