Durantar Do'rret

Lord of Akai'zhar


Durantar Do’rret was the undead leader of the city of Akai’zhar, deep underground in the region of Xen’drik known as the Ring of Storms. Durantar was created thousands of years ago by the former necromancer lord of the city as an experiment, one which his creator did not live long enough to regret. Durantar quickly manifested powerful psionic abilities and utterly dominated his creator, forcing him to turn over control of the city.

Durantar was able to easily dominate any living resident of the city, although he had to use other methods to control or coerce the undead population. Fortunately, he was held in high acclaim by most of the undead in the city, and the undead desire to remain unchanged has led to his position being very secure. Still, there are those who felt they could do much better than him, and he kept a careful eye on those who coveted his throne, covertly or otherwise.

When a group of adventurers visited Akai’zhar, the city was under seige from abberations created and directed by the Daelkyr Lord Dyrrn the Corruptor. Durantar convinced the adventurers to stem the tide of monsters attacking the gates, in exchange for access to the Citadel of the Dreamers hidden in the center of the city.

Durantar Do'rret

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