Anton Foraval

Human Cleric of Dol Dorn


I have not been one for quit reflection. Yet here on the eve of what may be my final confrontation I have felt the need to look back, to examine where I came from to better understand the path I have followed. I was once a young cleric in the service of Dol Dorn, a child cloistered in a small church in Breland. I was drawn to Dol Dorn as a child, as my life was full of conflict and the teachings of the church suited me. Yet as time passed and I grew older I felt that the men of the church had forgotten the wisdom of Dol Dorn and I became more confrontational with them, and the people they had contact with. After one such outburst I left, headed for a life of adventure and danger, I made my way to Xen’drik. I think I had expected to gain a greater understanding of the teachings of Dol Dorn while in constant danger, and one of the steps I thought to achieving this greater understanding was to become a champion of my god. As my journey progressed I have meet a verity of people and done a multitude of things, and I think I have finally come to grips with what my god has been trying to tell me all along. Conflict is his medium, and as such he is not concerned with who is greater or weaker, only that the person approaches life with their head held high and passion in their hearts, ready for anything that life may have in store, for conflict is not just a matter of combat and battle. Conflict takes many forms, physical, psychological, and spiritual. I only wish the men of the church could know that I have learned what they were trying to teach me so long ago.

GM Notes:
Anton was the dream of a priest of The Sovereign Host in the wilds of Breland. A skinny, gangly fellow who has never quite been able to embody the strength of body and will he wanted to, he was passed up for cleric training to be given a post in the city. He tends to the needs of his parishioners each day, and each night dreams of adventure in Xen’drik.

Anton Foraval

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