Jolan Tankran

Karrnathi Necromancer


Jolan Tankran is an infamous Karrnathi necromancer, wanted in Karrnath for a series of brutal crimes he supposedly committed. After the end of the Last War, he continued to expand on his necromantic research, creating several deadly new spells and more than a few abominations in the process, all under orders from influential members of the Karrnathi high command who did not want the war to end. When word leaked out of the continuing experiments, Jolan was made a scapegoat by the high-ranking officers he had been obeying, who turned over the location of his lab to the government enforcers. When the lab was raided, he fled with the aid of various controlled undead and his powerful magic. Being an intelligent man, he quickly figured out that he had been framed, especially as fabricated tales of his escape made it into the press, painting him as a murderer and war criminal. He fled across Khorvaire, finding few places willing to shelter him until he finally went to ground in Stormreach, where he was still highly regarded by some residents as a genius and magical artisan.

Not long after, Major Boyd Leonus, one of the officers who betrayed him, arrived in Stormreach determined to hunt him down and keep the truth from ever being known. When a terrible zombie plague began appearing in Grindstone, Jolan recognized it as his own handiwork from all those years ago, and began trying to work to eradicate it. Knowing Leonus’ weakness, he was able to easily keep the Major and his spawn from entering his lair, so Leonus began hiring adventurers. The first group Jolan bribed into leaving him alone, but he spent all his remaining funds doing so. The second group turned out to be willing to talk to him and hear his story, and when they learned the truth they decided to turn on Major Leonus instead. Jolan helped them fight the Major and his spawn, but with the Major’s escape he is still in danger from his old foe.

As a necromancer, Jolan has seen and caused more than his share of death over the years. The horrendous things he has done and the abominations he created for the Karrnathi war effort bring him a great deal of shame, and he has sworn he will never again take a life. However, he has no such compunctions about destroying undead, especially when they cannot be controlled. He also suffers from nightmares most every night, leaving him constantly weary and unable to recharge his spell energy each day because of it.

Jolan Tankran

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