Major Boyd Leonus

Karrnathi Major & Veteran of the Last War


Major Boyd Leonus is an officer in the Karrnathi army who has come to Stormreach pursing a war criminal. Publicly, Major Leonus is a respected but reclusive resident of Grindstone. What no one in Grindstone knows is that Major Leonus is actually a vampire. Mortally wounded on the battlefield, he pulled all the strings he could to preserve his life, and finally managed to get an audience with a high-ranking cleric of the Blood of Vol who convinced to survive by embracing undeath. He has learned to offset the more severe weaknesses of his undead form, allowing him to live a nearly normal life. His position as a high-ranking military advisor to King Kaius means that few question his slightly odd habits.

When the war was over, Major Leonus was strongly opposed to the disarmament of Karrnath and the destruction of their undead soldiers. Along with a few other like-minded officers, Major Leonus secretly funded the continuing research of loyal Karrnathi necromancers and clerics, ordering them to build an army for what they saw as the inevitable restart of the war.

Major Leonus is in Stormreach pursuing Jolan Tankran, a Karrnathi necromancer responsible for many of the undead soldiers that were fielded by Karrnath during the Last War. Tankran was one of the wizards funded by Leonus and his cronies, but when their continued experiments were discovered, they saved themselves by framing Tankran and turning over the location of his lab to the authorities, telling them he had gone rogue and was acting on his own. Unexpectedly, Tankran escaped and managed to elude them for several years until they finally tracked him down in Stormreach. Leonus also has a personal vendetta against Tankran – Leonus’ son was killed during the raid of Tankran’s lab in Karrnath, and he intends to turn Tankran into a vampire spawn as revenge, making him his personal slave for eternity. This has the double benefit of letting him force Tankran to continue his work rebuilding the undead army Leonus intends to command one day.

Tankran proved very difficult for the Major to capture, so he hired a group of adventurers to drag him out of the undercity. However, when the adventurers found Tankran he told them the truth behind their employer, and they opted to try and destroy Leonus instead. They succeeded in wiping out his retinue of vampire spawn and the few Karrnathi zombies he brought with him, but the Major himself survived the attack and was at large somewhere in Stormreach for a time.

When the group attempted to get into a party thrown by the Storm Lords, Major Leonus hinted to the Lords that they were “riff-raff, not to be trusted”, and they were initially denied entrance. When they saved the life of Lord Varren Lassite, he personally escorted them into the party where they again encountered the Major. This time, however, Jolan was ready for the vampire and restrained him with magic while Deno Karanas made short work of him, destroying him with a touch and consuming the remains instantly.

Major Boyd Leonus

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