Melraevel Pilar'kah

Drow Matron and Tierel's Mother


Melraevel Pilar’kah was a Drow Matron and conqueror on the lost continent of Xen’drik, before she was captured and drug to Morgrave University in chains. There, she gave birth to her daughter Tierel before escaping and returning to Xen’drik.

Many years ago before she was captured, Melraevel led an uprising within the Han’tar’kul, the most powerful Drow clan in Xen’drik. Although she gathered many allies to her side, her forces were defeated by the existing Matron. Normally the penalty for failure would be death, but Melraevel was cunning enough to plan for the possibility of failure, and managed to escape with her life.

She fled to the city of Stormreach, hoping to find adventurers to aid her in searching the jungle for the power she knew she would need. In the city, she was betrayed and captured by one of the groups she attempted to hire, with the aid of one of the Drow that had traveled with her – Erel Vict’riss. Sold into virtual slavery, she was taken in chains to Morgrave University, where she lived a prisoner in a cage for many years. During her captivity, she fell in love with one of the researchers and bore a child with him. When the baby was still young, she took advantage of an opportunity to escape and fled the city, but had to leave her daughter behind.

Returning to Stormreach, she attempted to find Erel but soon gave up, suspecting him to be dead. She journeyed into the jungles of Xen’drik and began to search for sources of ancient power, anything she could find to give her the strength she sought. Some of her surviving supporters heard of her return and joined her on her quest. As she traveled, her army grew stronger and larger, and she led them to every corner of Xen’drik in search of ever greater power.

She traveled to the lost city of Pra’Xirek, hoping to reclaim the city’s lost riches and magic from the giants who occupied it. However, once there she found that the giants were too numerous, and were led by a powerful Eldritch Giant who banded them together into loose tribes. After continued losses to the giants, she withdrew from the city and went in search of easier prey.

Following rumors, she traveled to the Menechtarun Desert in search of an ancient power said to be beneath the Skyraker Claws. After several months of searching, she found that the hidden power was actually a rakshasa rajah! She pulled her surviving forces out of the mountains as fast as possible, and left for the south of Xen’drik.

Journeying south, she sought the powers of the rumored demonic city of Icerazer. After some searching, she found the city and attempted to broker a deal with the demons that ruled it. Unable to deal successfully with the existing rulers, she supported a coup that upended it’s power structure and left a succubus queen in charge. Vasilisa was very grateful for Melraevel’s assistance and gladly made several deals with the Matron for powerful magical secrets and artifacts.

Finally equipped with the power she needed to overcome her enemies, Melraevel journeyed east to Bazek Mohl, swiftly overcoming the Matron who had formerly bested her and taking her place as the leader of the entire Har’tar’kul Drow tribe. Her new goal is the re-taking of the Giantish city, but first she must overcome the powerful magics of the Dominion of Purity.

Melraevel Pilar'kah

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