Great Wyrm Sand Dragon


The sand dragon Sunatedarapophis has lived in the Menechtarun desert for more than 1000 years. He is almost never seen by humanoids, or least those who spot him never survive to tell the tale. The common people consider him to be a myth, although those with knowledge of the desert sands and of the history of it’s peoples know that the ancient dragon is very real. On rare occasion, Sunatedarapophis will appear and give advice, guidance, or even magical gifts to those he deems to be worthy. The standards by which he judges worthiness, however, are known only to him and given the fickle nature of powerful dragons, no one has ever dared to seek him out to ask a boon of him.

According to legend, he lairs in the mythical City of Glass, somewhere in the shifting sands of the Menechtarun desert.

GM Commentary:

Sunatedarapophis’ name is based on Apophis, the name given by the Greeks to the Egyptian demon Apep. In the spirit of Eberron he is not as evil as his namesake, though he is still as self-serving as any dragon.


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