Ghyrra Khan

Matron of the Ka'ki'kur Drow


Ghyrra Khan is the high priestess of Vulkoor the Cunning and the matron of the Ka’ki’kur Drow clan in the Lost City of Pra’Xirek in Xen’drik. She rose to her position of power through a concerted campaign of manipulation, intrigue and assassination, and has led the Ka’ki’kur Drow for the last 34 years.

Like the matrons before her, she considers the city of Pra’Xirek and all it’s treasures to be the Drow’s by right, after the fall of the giants 400 centuries ago. She harbors an especially deep hatred of the giant clans living there now after the death of her mate and child in a giant raid. In the spirit of Vulkoor the Cunning, she prefers to waylay adventurers and explorers and force them to confront the giants rather than waste any more Drow lives in confrontation with them than she has to. For her cleverness, Vulkoor has gifted her with knowledge of a special poison that aids her in this process.

Ghyrra Khan

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