The Eel

Mysterious Assassin of Stormreach


The Eel is an assassin that operates exclusively out of the city of Stormreach. Few details are known about the Eel’s true nature, as he or she keeps wrapped in shapeless black clothing which reveals nothing of the person underneath, and always speaks in a whisper. The Eel is a regular customer of Erel’s, usually looking for some obscure or unusual piece of information that poses a challenge to Erel’s abilities.

While the Eel is an imposing figure with a frightening occupation, he or she is always polite when dealing with people professionally. The Eel’s reputation is impeccable and whatever victims he or she slays vanish quietly, leaving no trace or mark of their passing. Discretion is a useful skill for an assassin, it seems, and the Eel never seems to lack for clients in Stormreach.

When Mal was attempting to infiltrate Dannel’s Wrath, Erel secretly hired the Eel to help keep an eye on him, just in case. When Samuel Gompers took Mal beyond the sight of Erel’s scrying spells, the Eel found Mal in the depths of Stormreach and saved him from Gomper’s ambush, then vanished mysteriously once again.

The Eel

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