Andraste d'Deneith

Sentinal Marshall of House Deneith


Andraste d’Denieth was an elite Sentinel Marshall in the service of House Denieth. She was a paladin devoted to the cause of justice, and served the House by tracking down powerful and dangerous fugitives and returning them to stand trial for their crimes.

Andraste was unusual for a paladin in that she did not revere any god in particular, although she gave homage to the Sovereign Host like most Khorvarian humans. As a scion of House Deneith, her devotion to the cause of Justice was always very strong, and as she began her martial training she found that holding her devotion first in all things granted her power above and beyond the average Sentinal. As she pursed her career, she was able to get far better results than her peers, and although her methods were not always completely orthodox, none could argue with her results.

Due in part to her success and in part to her single-minded devotion, Andraste found herself alienated from her peers and fellow House members. She was unwilling to sacrifice her principles to gain the approval of others, but this left her rather lonely as well. As an elite agent, she often traveled alone to strange locales, which did not help her feelings of isolation. She often buried herself in her work to avoid thinking about those feelings, although she did develop strong feelings for Malaxder, which blossomed into a relationship.

Andraste was in Stormreach in search of a war criminal from the Last War – a changeling spy named Fury. She discovered that Fury had settled himself behind the impenetrable facade of Dannel’s Pride, and a Brelish soldier like herself had little or no chance to infiltrate the tight-knit community. To this end, she asked Mal to help her find Fury and bring him to justice.

When Fury and a group of magically altered terrorists attacked a festival in the middle of Stormreach, Andraste attempted to strike him down, only to have her weapon pass right through him, revealing that he/she was actually a wraith. Fury escaped, and while Malaxder and the others were exploring the Dreamer’s Citadel in Lorsmarch Palace, Fury attacked Andraste again, catching her off guard and killing her. The next day, Fury attacked the group again, opening the battle by throwing Andraste’s dead body onto the table where they were eating. After defeating Fury once and for all, Malaxder called in a favor with the Church of the Silver Flame and had Andraste resurrected.

Later, Andreaste informed Mal that though she had enjoyed her time with him, she needed to return to Khorvaire and to her duties with House Deneith. They agreed to meet again sometime in the future, and Andraste returned to Sharn.

GM Note:
Andraste bears strong resemblance to a kind paladin who once helped a young Cyran halfing wizard who was down on his luck in the streets of Sharn.

Andraste d'Deneith

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