Gust Rantoul

Dwarf Drunkard


Gust Rantoul was a foul, drunken little dwarf who was a member of the adventuring group known as The Savage Company. It is unclear what value or benefit Gust brought to the company, but he had been with them for some time. He was never ever seen without a drink in his hand, and when the group left for long expeditions he invariably carried a small barrel of booze with him, sometimes two. He smelled of fish and beer, and was incomprehensible when speaking.

After Berenessa stole the Dreamstone back from Jackson Savage, it was revealed that Gust was a figment of his imagination, and vanished back into the ether from which he was made. With Jackson’s death, it seems the city has forgotten he existed.

Gust Rantoul

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