Jackson Savage


Jackson Savage was a famous adventurer and explorer in Stormreach, and the head of the adventuring group known as the Savage Company. His exploits have spawned many a tall tale in Stormreach and beyond, and legends of his adventures have even made their way to the Korranberg Chronicle and the Sharn Inquisitive, although the veracity of certain accounts has been questioned by some.

Jackson was famous in Stormreach, and had a great many friends and allies throughout the city, including some rumored dalliances with the daughter of a certain Storm Lord…but no one talked openly about that. Jackson regularly led the Savage Company on expeditions into Xen’drik, each one seemingly larger and more grandiose than the last. The list of treasures he uncovered and monsters he battled grew longer with each trip, although the list of allies he lost while exploring also stretches beyond easy count.

Jackson took all this in stride, however, and his popularity did not suffer from the body counts of his previous expeditions. Nearly every adventurer in Stormreach wanted to join the Savage Company at one point, but Jackson maintained strict standards for who could join and who couldn’t, apparently based on his own personal ideals. These ideals were often questioned by those who failed to make the grade, especially when individuals like Gust Rantoul somehow did make the grade.

When Berenessa took the Dreamstone from him, it was finally revealed that Jackson was a simple man, and the Savage Company were in fact figments of his imagination, somehow brought to life by the power of the Dreamstone. Bereft of it’s power, Jackson seemed to age a great deal and his impressive appearance vanished. Desperate to recover the dreams he had lost, he commissioned a group of adventurers, formerly his rivals, to journey to the city of Dar Quat and steal the stone back. The group of them bravely fought their way into the city and confronted Berenessa, but she slew Jackson and fled, leaving her soldiers and summoned creatures to deal with the adventurers.

Jackson Savage

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