Erel Vict'riss

Drow Wizard


Erel Vict’riss is a Drow Wizard living in the city of Stormreach. He makes his living through various means, sometimes selling his skills as a spellcaster or selling the scrolls he creates, sometimes guiding groups through the jungle immediately surrounding the city (he won’t go more than a few miles from the city), but mostly he makes money as a dealer in information. He has some scattered knowledge of various academic subjects, and he found a spell in the ancient ruins that allows him to draw on a magical source of knowledge, which he regularly uses to enhance the quality of the answers he charges for. His divination spells also allow him to quickly and easily gather information on a wide variety of hidden subjects around the city, and secrets always command a high price in Stormreach. In a fight, he uses his magic to keep himself out of immediate danger, although he’s not above playing the “scary Drow” card to intimidate anyone who tries to take advantage of him.

Erel moves around the city during the daylight hours wrapped in a heavy black cloak and hood, with a pair of square-lensed sunglasses to protect his eyes. Erel regards himself as a ladies man, although none of the ladies regard him that way.

Erel Vict'riss

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