Deno Kanaras

Karrnathi Inquisitive


Deno Kanaris was an Inquisitive working in the city of Stormreach. He has a thick Karrnathi accent, which he takes no pains to hide, and always dresses well, even when searching the sewers and undercity. He initially told people he was hired to look into the sudden disappearance of several prominent members of the Cyran community, starting with Samuel Gompers. Later, he revealed that he was actually working for a mysterious benefactor in Khorvaire, and was searching for Major Boyd Leonus, who was funneling money to Dannel’s Wrath and eventually the Storm Hammers. He is completely aware of Leonus’ nature, and seems entirely unafraid.

When Dor met him, he immediately noticed a small cufflink on his outfit, bearing the symbol of the Blood of Vol. He informed the group that Deno was probably an agent of the Blood, possibly of Vol herself. Jolan suspected for a time that he was undead, but eventually determined that he was a type of creature known as a necrovore – a being that eats the undead.

At a party thrown by one of the Storm Lords, they encountered Major Leonus again. This time, however, Jolan was ready for him and restrained him through magic while Deno approached him. With a touch, Deno turned the vampire to dust, and pulled the dust into his body, neatly disposing of the undead menace with a single stroke. He later thanked the group for thier help in apprehending the Major, and assured Dor that, for the time being, the Blood of Vol was no longer interested in him or his activities, in exchange for the aid he had given in mopping up a bigger problem.

Deno Kanaras

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